You have entered a unique environment

If what you are hearing is bossa nova, then it is likely being performed by Japanese artists. If it’s Asian rhythms, then they probably originate from London’s musical geniuses. If it’s hip-hop, it has likely been mixed by Vienna DJs.

The space around you is ecologically clean. The walls are finished with natural colors whose recipes date back to the European Middle Ages. These colors are made using eggs, cottage cheese, and natural pigments from North Africa. The doors and floors are treated with natural oils.

The most unique experience is the food. The menu you have opened combines elements from the distant history of India and the bustling streets of today’s Calcutta, five-star restaurant kitchens, and the homely dining tables of North India, as well as influences from other cuisines and Ayurvedic medicine. Here you will find a wide selection of traditional vegetarian dishes and just as many unconventional meat dishes – everything you won’t find anywhere else in Tallinn.

This environment is open like a poem through which the world flows with all its diversity.

Yours truly Elevant